School CEO Conference

Get your school brand ready for takeoff!   (Click for more information)

Need a break from the daily grind? Get out of the weeds, and get those creative juices flowing! Apptegy is hosting its first-ever SchoolCEO Conference on May 2-3 2022, in historic downtown Memphis. 

Join Apptegy for an open discussion with leading marketing experts on creating high-performing cultures, influencing change and minds, and building a distinctive brand for your district.

Speakers will include:

  • Neel Doshi | Author of Primed to Perform 

  • Denise Lee Yohn | Author of What Great Brands Do

  • Jonah Berger | Author of Contagious and The Catalyst

This isn’t your ordinary, note-taking conference. It'll feel like a very large focus group with best-selling authors in the room. We’re crafting an immersive experience that will change how you approach work, think about culture, and build a school identity that stands out.

Space is limited! Learn more about the conference and register for the event here: